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weld machine for tubular membranes

weld machine for tubular membranes weld machine for tubular membranes
Product name : weld machine for tubular membranes
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welding to tubular membranes, making to tubular membranes, welder machine for tubular membranes

Tube tubular membrane membrane equipment production equipment tubular ultrafiltration membrane tube tubular membrane ultrafiltration membrane welding machine welding machine
I company specializing in the production of ultrasonic welding equipment, can be used according to demand of products and research and development the corresponding non-standard welding equipment.
Through welding procedure will double filter base material on the roll tube structure welded into a circular tube, cooperate with coating process will be evenly coated membrane fluid in circular tube wall and the production of membrane tube soak in the pool solidification.
Tubular membrane at present our company production of welding equipment can be used in fruit juice industry and wastewater treatment industry, corresponds to the diameter of the tubular membrane is 8, and 12.
If there is any requirements, welcome to inquire and negotiate. 


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